I Have Changed My Blog Address

Please follow me at my new blog address:  SewFineSewist.  All content is the same just a new name that I believe describes my blog better.  I apologize that I have not posted since March but plan to shortly.  I have made a few tops and a Tunisian crochet project that I wish to review but first I need to take some pictures for you!


StudioCherie Cinch Back Packs


I thoroughly enjoyed making these cinch back packs by StudioCherie.  I had acquired all the necessary notions to complete the bags late last year but life gets in the way!  Anyhow, I needed to create four and I finished them yesterday.  The upholstery welting is what gives the bag its nice shape.  Also, it was the first time I had ever used grommets for a project.  It is satisfying to add a new skill to my sewing repertoire but I do procrastinate about it until there is no choice but to face it!  But in the end, I am always happy I challenged myself.  How about you?  Do you purposely pick sewing projects that stretch your sewing skills?  If so, do you face them head on or do you set them aside until they drive you mad?


Well, I will definitely be making more of these bags!  They make a wonderful gift.  My daughters loved theirs and I believe the recipients of the other two will love them as well.

Broomstick Lace Eyeglass Case


This is the first project for Beyond Basic Broomstick Lace with Jennifer Hansen on Craftsy.com.  I had been itching to begin a new hobby and loved the look of Jennifer’s Rebel Cardigan on the cover page of the online class.  I remembered my Grandmother crocheting so that is why I chose crocheting over knitting even though, in this class, a knitting needle is used.  The knitting needle is what gives this broomstick lace crochet its romantic look.  I hope to start the cardigan very soon.

Before taking the class, I purchased a beginner’s crocheting kit from Wal-Mart to give me an idea of what to expect in crocheting and then I began the online class.  If you’re interested in learning crochet, I highly recommend Jennifer’s online class.  She is a wonderful instructor.  I practiced and practiced the basic stitches and now I feel confident in following along with her as she teaches how to create the cardigan step by step.

Do any of you crochet or knit?  If so, please share what you love to create with your hooks or needles.  🙂

StudioCherie Zip Around Wristlet Wallet – Doctor Who

2014 02 08_Dr. Who and Culturing_3751

Here is another version from StudioCherie Zip Around Wristlet Wallet pattern that I created for my teenage daughter who LOVES Doctor Who.  The red fabric represents the fez of the 11th doctor, Matt Smith.  🙂

2014 02 08_Dr. Who and Culturing_3753

The designers of these fabrics are Erin Bjorn from Provo, UT (front and back of wallet) and Jennifer Bryson (inside pockets).  I purchased both of these fabrics as well as the “tape it” fabric through Spoonflower.com.  If you need a specific design for your fabric or, if you wish to create your own, check out Spoonflower.

2014 02 08_Dr. Who and Culturing_3752_edited-1

This second wallet was not as difficult to make because I understood the instructions better BUT it is still a very time consuming project.  I will make one more version in this size for my youngest daughter then make the checkbook size one for me.  I hope you Whovians like it.  🙂  My daughter sure did!

StudioCherie Zip Around Wristlet Wallet


I created this adorable wallet for my cousin’s 15th birthday.  The “tape it” fabric is by designer Bianca Green of Berlin Germany.  Because this sewing pattern was a new pattern for me, it took me many hours to complete it but in the end it was well worth the time.  I have several sewing patterns from StudioCherie and this is the second pattern I have sewn from her line.  I love her designs.


Although this is a small wallet (5.75″ x 3.75″ x 1″) it handles a lot for its size.  I am making StudioCherie’s checkbook wallet version after I make my girls their own version of this size.


Fun and functional!

Jalie 2911

2014 01 05_Jalie 2911_3726 2014 01 05_Jalie 2911_3746_edited-1

Happy New Year!  This is a pullover sewing pattern by Jalie.  I made a total of six of these pullovers for myself and my girls.  We desperately needed some warm tops for the winter and I like the fact that this top is much more flattering than a sweatshirt style top.  I did not make a muslin for this pattern.  I figured “it is a pullover” and not bother.  Of course, I see lines radiating from the bust line screaming “bust dart” but again, it is a pullover.  It is suppose to be comfy.  🙂

2014 01 05_Jalie 2911_3748 2014 01 05_Jalie 2911_3727

I love the shawl collar.  I believe it is so flattering.  I purchased yards of fleece fabric on sale from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  For my top, I used the wrong side of the fabric because the right side was a bit too shiny for my taste.  Although, I realized later that the wrong side of the fabric is a magnet for lint!  Anyhow, it has been downright bone chilling cold here in central Texas that these pullovers will seriously be used all winter.  I am getting a little faster at finishing my projects so maybe, after I sew a couple pair of jeans (which I am in desperate need of) I will get to the trench coat.  I have come to the point in my life that I would rather shop for fabric, patterns, notions, etc….  than go shopping for clothes.  I wish to get to the point where I sew the majority of my clothes and sew them BEFORE a season arrives.  I just love being a sewist!

2014 01 05_Jalie 2911_3750

In my opinion, this is an easy pattern to sew and I will definitely use this pattern every winter for myself and for my girls.